Texas Groundwater Summit Set for Aug. 28-30 (Posted By Gary Cutrer)

The Texas Groundwater Summit has released the agenda for their conference which will be held in Austin Tuesday through Thursday, Aug. 28-30.  The full agenda is here (PDF format).

The confab of groundwater conservation district representatives will explore topics and form discussion panels. From the agenda:

Join us for a refresher course on groundwater and its management. Industry experts will provide an in depth look at Texas water history, groundwater science and law, the current state of groundwater management, and administrative procedures related to groundwater conservation districts.

For more information or to attend the conference visit www.texasgroundwatersummit.com.

Who Should Attend?

  • Groundwater conservation district staff and board members
  • Legislative, agency, and university leaders and staff
  • Municipalities, counties, water providers, and members of RWPGs
  • Groundwater industry professionals, including lawyers, engineers, and geologists
  • Oil and Gas industry professionals
  • Groundwater technology experts and vendors
  • Organizations and people interested in the future of groundwater in Texas

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