GBRA Seeks Larger Water Supply (Posted By Mike Mecke)

GBRA seeks larger water supply

Saturday, October 17, 2009 11:08 PM CDT

A new water right permit that would allow more than double the amount of water per year to be pumped from the Guadalupe River in Calhoun County is awaiting approval from the state.

Well folks, did you read the above article on using “extra”  Guadalupe River water – it is typical of the types of issues arising now across Texas from the Rio Grande to the Sabine and north to the Canadian River.  Should “excess wet year” river waters be allowed to divert for use and sale or continue to flow into the Gulf bays for our fish, shrimp businesses and recreational fishing ?  Or just merely to support a healthy Gulf ecosystem?  Or, can we have it all?

New Environmental Flow committees are being set up for the major river basins to study and decide those sticky issues with a diverse stakeholder group representing all interests and advising the state.  Issues are arising on groundwater too, such as requests to permit groundwater from the Ft. Stockton area to be pumped and used in Midland.  And it is only going to get worse we are told, as 60 Million people are projected to live in Texas by 2050!  Get informed and stay tuned. 


According to a press release, the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority’s application requests the ability to divert additional water from the river for storage in “off-channel storage reservoirs” to be built in Calhoun and Victoria counties. The press release stated that water in storage would be made available to areas in need of water during drought.

GBRA is currently allowed to pump 175,501 acre-feet of water per year in the county, and hopes to add an additional 189,484 acre-feet per year in non-drought years. If approved, GBRA would be allowed to pump a total of 364,985 acre-feet of water in non-drought years………………….

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