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Water News — August 2012

 As Published in Ranch & Rural Living August 2012 DROUGHT UPDATE—Improvement in Texas Conditions Under El Nino! Richard Heim National Climatic Data Center,  NOAA July 19, 2012 Latest map of July 17th shows 87% of TX still at some level of drought rating. But, zero at Exceptional level and 8.17% at Extreme level. Big improvement […]

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Texas Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Groundwater Rights

This press release from TSCRA says it all: FORT WORTH, TEXAS – The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) today [Feb 24] applauded the opinion of the Texas Supreme Court in the Edwards Aquifer Authority v. Burrell Day and Joel McDaniel case regarding whether or not landowners own the groundwater below their land. “The […]

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Toyota Funding 4-H Film on Water Conservation

SAN ANTONIO ­ The 4-H2O for the Alamo program in Bexar County is onee of the educational initiatives featured in a new film about water conservation in Texas being produced by National 4-H Council and funded by Toyota, according to project coordinators. “The film will showcase what 4-H members throughout the state are doing to […]

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The Texas Drouth Has Officially Ended

According to figures from Texas State Climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon, who also serves as a professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University. A recently issued U.S. Drought Monitor shows for the first time since the fall of 2007 none of the state in drouth. Only a few small patches of the state, near the Coastal […]

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Law of the Biggest Pump

In Texas water law, the state owns your surface water, as a general rule, and you must get permission to use that water. The landowner owns water found below the earth’s surface in the crevices of soil and rocks–percolating water. Texas groundwater law is judge-made law, derived from the English common law rule of “absolute […]

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The Right Hurricane; Updated Below

This hurricane season has been dead quiet. I wonder how that sits with the AGW (Anthropocentric Global Warming) theory supporters? Remember 2005? All the big hurricanes hitting the Gulf states were due to global warming, according to a lot of the theory’s loudest proponents. And hurricanes would just get worse and worse each year they […]

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