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Aussies Have Innovative Approach to Water Storage

An Australian company that specializes in water systems has an innovative approach to water storage. Instead of setting above ground tanks and directing runoff to them, the company digs a wide, shallow hole, lines it with a membrane and then fills the void with interlocking plastic cubes with plenty of  ‘empty space’ for water to […]

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Water News Briefs–March 2010 RRL

Following are news briefs as published in the March 2010 issue of Ranch & Rural Living. There are a few extra news items that didn’t make it into the magazine. Language of Water Politics Often Murky Feb. 17, 2010—Scott Stroud—San Antonio Express-News If you’re out of the habit of talking to folks who study water […]

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California Reluctant to Declare Drouth Over

Despite plenty of rain and snow coming in from the Pacific this winter, the California Department of Water Resources is reluctant to declare an end to the state’s three-year drouth. Although a lot of wet stuff has fallen, the state’s biggest source of drinking and irrigation water is still only at 40 percent capacity. Lake […]

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Earth’s Water

Been a while since I thought about Earth’s water cycle — seem’s like it was about the fifth grade. Lately, though, I’ve been thinking about water as part of our atmosphere. Did you know that water vapor in the atmosphere is considered a “greenhouse gas?” The U.S. Geological Survey water website has a good educational […]

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Texas Water 2010 Conference April 13-16

Texas Water 2010 is billed as the “Largest regional water conference in the U.S.,” this annual meeting is presented by the Texas Section of the American Water Works Association.

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Water News and Links

Water battle in central AZ towns not over Cattail clears arsenic from water More news about water on the Moon Republican State Rep’s Take on California’s Water Problems and Texas’ Similarities Ag Commissioner Todd Staples: Sharing water and responsibilities Rainfall map of Texas and other maps of interest

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River Beneath Your Town

I’ve been thinking about the huge amount of water required to take away our bodily wastes each day. There’s toilet use, showering, clothes washing, dish washing, and hand and face washing and shaving, to name most of the inside uses of water. Where does it all go? More importantly, where does it come from in […]

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