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Who owns the groundwater beneath your land?

Landowner groups host groundwater ownership forum in Lubbock PRESS RELEASE FROM Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association AUSTIN, TEXAS – Texas landowner groups have joined forces in an effort to ensure that groundwater continues to be recognized as a vested, real private property right. The groups will host an educational forum Oct. 28, at the […]

Law of the Biggest Pump

In Texas water law, the state owns your surface water, as a general rule, and you must get permission to use that water. The landowner owns water found below the earth’s surface in the crevices of soil and rocks–percolating water. Texas groundwater law is judge-made law, derived from the English common law rule of “absolute […]

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Water News and Links

Water battle in central AZ towns not over Cattail clears arsenic from water More news about water on the Moon Republican State Rep’s Take on California’s Water Problems and Texas’ Similarities Ag Commissioner Todd Staples: Sharing water and responsibilities Rainfall map of Texas and other maps of interest

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Texas Water Law for Lawyers

The University of Texas law school is conducting a two-day refresher on Texas water law in Austin. With the course description, I would guess this one would be geared more to lawyers and legislators than to the general public/concerned citizen. But, if you’ve got your lawyer’eze language greased up, you might want to fork out […]

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