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California Reluctant to Declare Drouth Over

Despite plenty of rain and snow coming in from the Pacific this winter, the California Department of Water Resources is reluctant to declare an end to the state’s three-year drouth. Although a lot of wet stuff has fallen, the state’s biggest source of drinking and irrigation water is still only at 40 percent capacity. Lake […]

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The Texas Drouth Has Officially Ended

According to figures from Texas State Climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon, who also serves as a professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University. A recently issued U.S. Drought Monitor shows for the first time since the fall of 2007 none of the state in drouth. Only a few small patches of the state, near the Coastal […]

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Random Water News

U.S. water use has leveled off? Radioactive runoff heading for upper Rio Grande. Using 400-500 gallons of water daily to pressure wash chewing gum off the sidewalk at San Jose State. Decade-long drouth evident by Lake Mead’s “Bathtub Ring.” A good overview of California’s Central Valley water dilemma.

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Drouth Provides Hidden Benefit for Some Lakes

Beautiful Lake Travis just west of Austin was hard hit by the recent/current drouth, dropping some 40 or so feet. But now, after two weeks of rain, sometimes torrential, the lake is on the rise, according to a Oct. 29 news article in the Austin American-Statesman by Mike Leggett. According toTexas Parks and Wildlife biologist […]

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Water Shortage; Water Surplus

Depending on where you live on Earth you no doubt experience either insufficient water or an abundance, even excess, of water. Growing up in South Arkansas, I never considered that having more water or more rain would be desirable. Winter and early spring, especially, seemed dismal, with rain that seemed to stretch for weeks on […]

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