City will have to Move People:WATER SHORTAGE (Posted By Mike Mecke)

(no, not here in USA or Texas - yet, but too much growth in the wrong places might….and not just due to climate changes!  Several Texas areas are experiencing too much growth with the possiblity of local water shortages in their future.  A saying among water folks is “Water flows uphill to the money!”  Cities/towns often feel like they will need or deserve the “new” water more than nearby agriculture does.  Do you agree?   Or?)

Vanishing glaciers imperil La Paz

Fears are growing for the future of water supplies in one of Latin America’s fastest-growing urban areas – Bolivia’s sprawling capital of La Paz and its twin El Alto.

Scientists monitoring the glaciers high in the Andes mountains – a key source of water – say the ice is showing signs of shrinking faster than previously forecast.

Back in 2005, glaciologist Edson Ramirez, from the University of San Andres in La Paz, predicted that the Chacaltaya glacier would vanish by 2015.

In fact it’s happened several years sooner………………………………………

Faced with a booming population and a combination of glacial retreat and reduced rainfall, the governor of the La Paz region is even contemplating moving people to other parts of Bolivia.

Water is already in short supply among the poorest communities and has become a cause of tension…………………………………..

High impact

I asked the governor of the La Paz region, Pablo Ramos, how he was responding to the latest studies into the future of water supplies.

One answer is that new reservoirs may be built and underground sources tapped.

But it’s clear that these solutions may not be enough and Mr Ramos is starting to consider a far more radical solution – trying to move people away.

He told BBC news: “We are thinking about a planned programme of migration, mainly to the north of the region.”

On a large map in his office, he pointed to an area of well-watered rainforest and explained his plans for new settlements.  For sure there’s going to be a huge movement of people – planned and unplanned.”

La Paz already has one global claim to fame: as the world’s highest capital.

If the most extreme climate predictions are right, and water shortages become severe, it may acquire another claim in coming decades: as the world’s first capital to run so dry that it has to turn people away.

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  1. By David Cristiani, January 14, 2010 @ 9:56 pm

    My vote…agriculture. And I live in the city (by 100 feet) and do not work in agriculture…but I eat! City people and esp. the gov’t need to learn to conserve and steward *all* they have, esp water, at least as good as farmers. Good article!

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