Man Sentenced to 30 Days Jail for Catching Rain Water on Own Property (Posted By Gary Cutrer)

An Oregon man recently began his 30-day jail term for violating a state rule prohibiting capturing surface runoff from rain and snow. Gary Harrington arrived Aug. 8 at Jackson County (Ore.) Jail to begin serving his sentence.

Here’s the odd bit about this — Harrington was collecting rain and snow melt on his own property.

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Water News — August 2012 (Posted By Mike Mecke)

 As Published in Ranch & Rural Living August 2012

DROUGHT UPDATE—Improvement in Texas Conditions Under El Nino!

Richard Heim National Climatic Data Center,  NOAA July 19, 2012

Latest map of July 17th shows 87% of TX still at some level of drought rating. But, zero at Exceptional level and 8.17% at Extreme level. Big improvement for most of state compared to 2011. Normal areas on upper coast and SE corner of state. Which means most of the rangeland and intensive cropping areas are still in a drought….. with a couple of months of typically hottest summer weather yet. We would still benefit in many of our crucial lake catchments by having a wet tropical storm drift northward across from the coast to Red River country. Many important lake levels are still dangerously low.,S

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