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Ranchers, Farmers Cautiously Optimistic about Rains (Posted By Gary Cutrer)

Heavy rains in Central and East Texas and soaking rains in West Texas fell the last two days. Some occasional showers and light but soaking rains have occurred since the first of the year with the latest rains doing a lot of good in West Texas and actually causing some minor flash flooding in the […]

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SNAPSHOTS OF THE DROUGHT Bill Dawson October 23, 2011 A drought for the centuries: It hasn’t been this dry in Texas since 1789  There was only one other year in almost five centuries when Texas’ summer drought was as severe as it was in 2011, federal climate experts have concluded. Instrumental weather records used to […]

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East Texas Farmers Battered by Dry Spring (Posted By Mike Mecke)

While many Texas ranches and farms enjoy a wet, green spring and other areas are presently flooding, the eastern part of the state suffers from drought.  Drought is always just around the next corner in Texas – something that most urban or city folks fail to recognize.  In some areas, both cities and smaller towns, leaders […]

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“Texas Should Study Climate Change” (Posted By Mike Mecke)

  (interesting article, see my comment below)     “Texas should study climate change” By Jay Banner, Charles Jackson, Katharine Hayhoe, Gerald North and Liang Yang  Special to The Galveston Daily News January 15, 2010 Our atmosphere and climate are changing in unprecedented ways, due in part to human activity.   Population also is expanding; Texas […]

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