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Texas Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Groundwater Rights (Posted By Gary Cutrer)

This press release from TSCRA says it all: FORT WORTH, TEXAS – The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) today [Feb 24] applauded the opinion of the Texas Supreme Court in the Edwards Aquifer Authority v. Burrell Day and Joel McDaniel case regarding whether or not landowners own the groundwater below their land. “The […]

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Finding an Unexpected Oasis (Posted By Gary Cutrer)

Desert wanderers dream of happening onto an island of fresh water in an ocean of alkali sand and dust. These oases from around the world are places where the wanderers can stop, drink, even settle and farm. But settling an oasis too heavily can deplete its water supply. Crescent Lake in China’s Gobi Desert sits […]

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River Beneath Your Town (Posted By Gary Cutrer)

I’ve been thinking about the huge amount of water required to take away our bodily wastes each day. There’s toilet use, showering, clothes washing, dish washing, and hand and face washing and shaving, to name most of the inside uses of water. Where does it all go? More importantly, where does it come from in […]

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