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San Angelo – “Securing long-term water supply critical to city (Posted By Mike Mecke)

By Kiah Collier Posted April 10, 2010 San Angelo Standard-Times SAN ANGELO, Texas — The San Angelo City Council didn’t take action on much last week but provided direction on a variety of important issues. One item on the agenda caught my eye when it was posted Friday afternoon: Discussion of future steps for a […]

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Water News Briefs–March 2010 RRL (Posted By Mike Mecke)

Following are news briefs as published in the March 2010 issue of Ranch & Rural Living. There are a few extra news items that didn’t make it into the magazine. Language of Water Politics Often Murky Feb. 17, 2010—Scott Stroud—San Antonio Express-News If you’re out of the habit of talking to folks who study water […]

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Water News and Links (Posted By Gary Cutrer)

Water battle in central AZ towns not over Cattail clears arsenic from water More news about water on the Moon Republican State Rep’s Take on California’s Water Problems and Texas’ Similarities Ag Commissioner Todd Staples: Sharing water and responsibilities Rainfall map of Texas and other maps of interest

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Random Water News (Posted By Gary Cutrer)

U.S. water use has leveled off? Radioactive runoff heading for upper Rio Grande. Using 400-500 gallons of water daily to pressure wash chewing gum off the sidewalk at San Jose State. Decade-long drouth evident by Lake Mead’s “Bathtub Ring.” A good overview of California’s Central Valley water dilemma.

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Do Our Creeks Make Good Sewer Routes? (Posted By Mike Mecke)

Well, probably if you are a utility engineer or a utility manager, you may think they do.   Do city council members/mayors or county commissioners/judges really understand what they are voting for when they approve such projects with our money?  I wonder.  But what else can be said when the “lowest possible grade” is the best […]

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