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GBRA Seeks Larger Water Supply (Posted By Mike Mecke)

GBRA seeks larger water supply BY EMILY ALLEN Published: Saturday, October 17, 2009 11:08 PM CDT A new water right permit that would allow more than double the amount of water per year to be pumped from the Guadalupe River in Calhoun County is awaiting approval from the state. Well folks, did you read […]

THEIR WATER, OR OURS? (Posted By Mike Mecke)

Howdy folks, a little background – this is my first post to the new water blog “Water is Life!” That was my chosen program motto when serving as a Water Specialist for the Texas Water Resources Institute & the Extension Service out of Ft. Stockton from ’02 to ’08. It was also widely used by the San Antonio Water System where I worked as a Water Resources Planner and then as Coordinator for Agricultural Water Conservation for the previous decade. It fits our Texas situation! This is an earlier article that Ranch & Rural Living ran for me this last summer and I thought maybe some of you missed it or would like a chance to comment on it? If so, fire away. thanks, Mike

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