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Rethinking water: Growing population, limited supply mean costs destined to rise, experts say (Posted By Mike Mecke)

Currently, our precious water is too cheap! We basically pay for cost of delivery with little or no cost for water. That must change.
People often do not respect or conserve what is too cheap…….

Authority seals water deal with Pickens (Posted By Mike Mecke)

$103M pact region’s largest water transaction Posted: December 29, 2011 By Kevin Welch There was talk of a “momentous occasion” and many thanks for making the largest water transaction in Texas Panhandle history final Thursday. “I don’t think you owe me any thanks,” said wealthy oil and gas man T. Boone Pickens. “You paid for […]

Guadalupe Basin Strategy Proposals – Draft (Posted By Mike Mecke)

  (These are some ideas I have proposed in our Stakeholder Committee’s report writing – they will be developed, or dropped or whatever over the next six months.  Every major river basin in Texas is going through this process, so get involved locally.  Anyone have any good ideas or changes?  Please post them if so……. […]

“Every Drop Counts!” (Posted By Mike Mecke)

Wanting a little more info on Texas Water?  Check out the Texas Parks and Wildlife‘s 10th annual water issue. The issue’s articles deal with a variety of Texas water challenges. Here are some highlights: The issue opens with a look at the last ten years of Texas water. Concern about the state’s water supply unifies […]

Drought’s grip threatens state with arid 2011 (Posted By Mike Mecke)

Wildfires soar as La Niña effects keep rain at bay By ERIC BERGER Copyright 2010 Houston Chronicle Dec. 8, 2010 The great drought of 2011 may have started two months ago. Since Tropical Storm Hermine drenched central Texas in September, the state has been very dry, with large swaths receiving less than 10 percent of […]

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San Angelo: Twin Buttes water dispute near settlement (Posted By Mike Mecke)

By Kiah Collier Published Monday, November 22, 2010 SAN ANGELO, Texas — The end of the city of San Angelo’s five-year-old battle to amend its Twin Buttes Water Rights permit is in sight, but the matter is not yet finished. An administrative law judge in Austin has decided in the city’s favor on two pending […]

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San Angelo: STATE OF THE CITY: Water’s role in future stressed (Posted By Mike Mecke)

San Angelo water news – Great to see this very nice little west-central Texas city seriously talking water issues again.  I lived near Angelo and shopped there for eight years and I think it is the best small city in Texas – I hope it does not outgrow that designation – bigger is not always better! […]

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San Angelo – “Securing long-term water supply critical to city (Posted By Mike Mecke)

By Kiah Collier Posted April 10, 2010 San Angelo Standard-Times SAN ANGELO, Texas — The San Angelo City Council didn’t take action on much last week but provided direction on a variety of important issues. One item on the agenda caught my eye when it was posted Friday afternoon: Discussion of future steps for a […]

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City will have to Move People:WATER SHORTAGE (Posted By Mike Mecke)

(no, not here in USA or Texas – yet, but too much growth in the wrong places might….and not just due to climate changes!  Several Texas areas are experiencing too much growth with the possiblity of local water shortages in their future.  A saying among water folks is “Water flows uphill to the money!”  Cities/towns often feel like they […]

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Neches River Fight: Farms, Wildlife, a River or More Water for Dallas’ Growth? (Posted By Mike Mecke)

In almost any disagreement, especially those that go to court, there are two sides, sometimes several – as here.  In this one, the decision whether saving many thousands of acres of ancient river forest and farmlands, plus a planned national wildlife preserve, should triumph, or should the City of Dallas be allowed to take the land through purchase […]

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