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Guadalupe Basin Strategy Proposals – Draft (Posted By Mike Mecke)

  (These are some ideas I have proposed in our Stakeholder Committee’s report writing – they will be developed, or dropped or whatever over the next six months.  Every major river basin in Texas is going through this process, so get involved locally.  Anyone have any good ideas or changes?  Please post them if so……. […]

Key Words for Rivers & Creeks (Posted By Mike Mecke)

Today I thought I would share with you an excellent note on managing our creeks and rivers written by  Steve Nelle, a Wildlife Biology Specialist with the NRCS-USDA State Office in San Angelo.  Steve is active in our Texas Riparian Association and is a highly sought educator on these topics.  This Note  defines a number […]

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Texas’ New Environmental River Flows Process (Posted By Mike Mecke)

Experts, states and federal agencies have long recognized that river systems are crucial to many important natural services, while providing life-giving drinking water for people, livestock and wildlife; irrigation water for our food and other products; groundwater recharge and recreation for people.  Healthy creek and river flows are crucial to maintaining the vital green belts […]

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(Posted By Mike Mecke)

COMMENTS  & OUTSTANDING SATELLITE PHOTO OF MISS. RIVER & GULF It was an outstanding photo – had to share with ya’ll.  I had heard that on the delta Georgianne, too bad it is going into the Gulf with the nutrient load and causing the huge “Dead Zone”  I was probably being a little too hard […]

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