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The Texas Drouth Has Officially Ended (Posted By Gary Cutrer)

According to figures from Texas State Climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon, who also serves as a professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University. A recently issued U.S. Drought Monitor shows for the first time since the fall of 2007 none of the state in drouth. Only a few small patches of the state, near the Coastal […]

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New York Times:Heavy Rains End TX Drought (Posted By Mike Mecke)

(Boy, now doesn’t that give you relief – when the NYT [or Wall Street] report our Texas drought is officially over!!!   Maybe they think the Wall St. bailout helped Texas ranchers and farmers?   Gulp – someone(s) have not seriously studied long-term Southwestern droughts – I remember a decent year or two during the 50′s I believe – […]

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Drought Losses Heavy in Lower Rio Grande Valley (Posted By Mike Mecke)

Drought losses top $19 million in Lower Rio Grande Valley Reservoir levels are healthy but wet winter not forecast November 13, 2009 TAMU AG News Writer(s): Rod Santa Ana, 956-878-8317, Contact(s):Dr. Luis Ribera, 956-968-5581, WESLACO — For the second year in a row, Mother Nature has dealt a heavy blow to agricultural producers in […]

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DROUGHT! IS THIS THE ‘50’s REVISITED? (Posted By Mike Mecke)

(Note: has the extreme two year drought affecting mostly south and central Texas ended?  Much of the region has had good rains in September and October – but has that ENDED this drought?  We do not know yet, but pray it has………. time will tell.  Be careful of your water resources in the meantime – […]

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Drouth Provides Hidden Benefit for Some Lakes (Posted By Gary Cutrer)

Beautiful Lake Travis just west of Austin was hard hit by the recent/current drouth, dropping some 40 or so feet. But now, after two weeks of rain, sometimes torrential, the lake is on the rise, according to a Oct. 29 news article in the Austin American-Statesman by Mike Leggett. According toTexas Parks and Wildlife biologist […]

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The Right Hurricane; Updated Below (Posted By Gary Cutrer)

This hurricane season has been dead quiet. I wonder how that sits with the AGW (Anthropocentric Global Warming) theory supporters? Remember 2005? All the big hurricanes hitting the Gulf states were due to global warming, according to a lot of the theory’s loudest proponents. And hurricanes would just get worse and worse each year they […]

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