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Photo Story

Photo Story -- The Aztec Theater in Eagle Pass, Texas

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Aztec Theater in Eagle Pass, Texas. The Aztec figured prominently in the cultural life of Eagle Pass.

After starting and running a successful theater converted from a pool hall, entrepreneur Sam Schwartz built the Aztec Theater in 1915. Contractor and architect was Leonard F. Seed. The architectural style is termed "Mayan Revival."  Early years saw silent films and vaudeville acts performed in the Aztec. 

Schwartz remained in the theater business through the "talkies" and until his death in 1969. After Sam's death the theater was managed by his son, Arnold I. Schwartz, and his son-in-law, Lloyd T. Munter. It was later managed by his grandson, Maurice P. Munter. In 1991 another grandson, William J. Munter, utilized the space for his law office and refurbished the old theater, which is now used for live performances, movies, and rental for civic events.

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Photo Story -- The Hotel Cactus in San Angelo, Texas.

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Full moon rises behind San Angelo's Hotel Cactus.

Hotel Cactus was among the first hotels built and operated by hotel magnate Conrad Hilton. For many years the lobby of the Cactus was the meeting and informal business headquarters for ranchers, livestock dealers and other "wheeler dealers" of the prosperous agriculture center of San Angelo, Texas.

With 14 stories the hotel is the tallest building in downtown San Angelo. The hotel no longer operates as an inn, but rather rents out apartments and offices.

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Photo Story -- Lubbock riders

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Lubbock, Texas, riders participate in the San Angelo Rodeo parade.

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Photo Story -- Cowboy on Glass Ranch

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Cowboy at the Lynn Glass ranch south of Big Spring, Texas, corners a calf.

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Photo Story -- Rattlesnake

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This large Western Diamondback rattlesnake was sunning himself on a caliche road in Upton County, Texas, in late spring when provoked by the photographer into a defensive stance.

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