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Photo Story

Photo Story -- Connie Thompson Photo, Cowboys Splash

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Past Photo Contest winner by Connie Thompson, Pollak, Texas.

To find out how to enter your photos in this year's photo contest, click here.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 March 2009 16:49

Photo Story -- Sheep and Goat Raiser Cover from 1939

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In dusty far West Texas a cowboy surveys the distant mountains.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 March 2009 16:52

Photo Story -- Producers Livestock Cattle

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Cattle are pushed down an alley at Producers Livestock Auction in San Angelo, Texas. Producers is the nation's largest sheep and goat auction and one of the biggest cattle auctions in Texas.

Work is still done on horseback many places in West Texas, including the holding and sorting pens at Producers Livestock Auction in San Angelo, Texas. Here a group of Brangus type calves is herded down the alley leading to the auction ring at Producers on sale day.

More information.

Last Updated on Thursday, 12 March 2009 11:08

Photo Story -- Texas Cowboy statue on Capitol grounds, Austin, Texas.

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Texas Cowboy statue on the Capitol grounds in Austin, Texas. Photo by Gary Cutrer

The bronze statue "Texas Cowboy" was presented to the State of Texas, "native home of the cowboy." by the notable American sculptor Constance Whitney Warren. It represents the artist's portrayal of a typical Texas cowboy riding a rearing horse, and is a tribute to the "rough and romantic riders of the range." 


Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 March 2009 17:06

Photo Story -- Buffalo Soldiers from Fort Concho

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Buffalo Soldiers from Fort Concho carry the colors in San Angelo's annual Rodeo parade.

Fort Concho's Buffalo Soldiers recreate company "A" of the 10th Cavalry, one of the two all-black cavalry regiments that protected the Southwest and Great Plains in the late 19th century. Four all-black regiments of infantry and cavalry performed various duties in the American West with distinction in the Indian Wars period, 1866-1891. Fort Concho's Buffalo Soldiers portray a dismounted cavalry company from the late 1870s.

    According to various stories, the term "Buffalo Soldier" was a compliment to the black soldier's courage given by his Indian foe. Equating the hair style of the previously unseen blacks to that of the sacred buffalo, the Indians fought but also respected their infantry and cavalry adversaries. The term has endured and the buffalo remains on the 10th Cavalry's regimental crest. 

More information.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 March 2009 16:54
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After a particularly restless Saturday night, three cowboys stood before the small town judge on a charge of drunk and disorderly conduct in a public park. Judge to First Cowboy: Name please. First Cowboy: Harvey. Judge: What were you doing in the park? First Cowboy: Oh, we was just throwing peanuts in the river. Judge to Second Cowboy: And your name? Second Cowboy: Bubba, sir. Judge: And what were you doing, Bubba? Second Cowboy: Like Harvey says, we was throwing peanuts in the river. Judge to Third Cowboy: Your name? Third Cowboy: Peanuts.