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On The Ranch

A Border Collie's Life

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Jean EbelingBy Jean Ebeling

Published December 2011

We never knew how old Bell was when she came to live with us. The girls at the adoption center guessed her to be about a year and a half. We never found out much about her previous life before she landed at the orphanage.

There was a story around that the boys who ran a local auction barn had imported a border collie from England that fitted Bell’s description—short blocky head, thick undercoat and “soft” ears that lay close to her head. As the story goes, the auction barn folded up and Bell wound up with no home.

At any rate, she was glad to be out where there were things that needed doing--mainly herding livestock.

We never knew if Bell had any training. She just naturally figured that the goats needed to be brought in from wherever they were. After the work was done she liked to spend time fishing in the creek. She would spend hours herding minnows up and down in the creek that runs behind the barn. It requred a good bit of barking at the wiggly things so we always knew where she was.

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