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Thankful for Blessings

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Lesli NolenBy Lesli Nolen

Published November 2013

I have once again called on my Facebook family to help me with my column. In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to know what their biggest blessing has been in 2013. I asked them, what has God done in their life?  Here is what they said:

Todd Harrell—He (God) keeps me going day after day after day. We can always and forever thank God for giving His sons life for us.

Sandy Stockton Adcock—So many blessings; new marriage, new career, healthy kids, healthy pets and so many good friends that make my life wonderful.

Charity Wise—My son, Braxton.

Chelsie Schmidt—New house and better job.

Tara Hohensee Ellisor—My baby boy Kade.

Ginger Robertson—This has certainly been a year of trials; however I am blessed daily with a loving family and friends. The blessing that means more to me is learning and studying the word of God. Discovering the love that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit blesses me with every day. Learning the true meaning of love and how that love feels and how to pass it on to others. The grace and mercy given to me daily is an all consuming love that blesses me and helps me through any trials.

Paula Sims—My reunion group.

Kassie Mickey Beshires—Family- Job- Rain- Good cattle.

Sally J. Oglesby—It has been a great year. Our Father has chosen to bring much needed rain to the parched ranch lands and good jobs to feed our Texas families. Everyone and everything has a fresh new attitude. God is so good and I pray that 2014 continues the good fortune for all.

Amanda Abell—Cancer free! Thank you, Jesus!

Chelsea Donathan—The rain making green, green  grass and fat happy cows and horses. My engagement and our upcoming wedding.

Charlie and Monty Evans—My husband came safely home from Afghanistan.

Jim West—My 39-year-old daughter had a baby girl on Valentine’s Day. My wife survived a heart attack with no observable damage. God is good all the time.

Tammy Nabors Gilbert—Whitney finally came back home after a couple of years of prayer. She had a healthy beautiful baby boy. We are blessed to have her back in our lives and I am blessed to have a step-daughter that loves me!

Sandy Whittley—Survived five surgeries in 2012 and Breast Cancer Survivor in 2013- Thank you Lord!!

Holly Englert—Rain for our crops! I know my dad is thankful!

Robin Redinger Kalvoda—It has been such a blessing, this year especially to watch my two boys turning into young men. My oldest Ben is 20 years old and will graduate from college in December. He has taken on two jobs and school this semester. His jobs are in his field of study, and he is so passionate and happy doing what he loves. My youngest, Robbie, is 15 years old, and it is such a joy to watch him transforming into a responsible, mature, young man with such a beautiful heart for others.

Don Longoria—Thinking you are going to be a blessing when you take a foster child in your home, then realizing you are the one being blessed!

Amy Gibbs—We bought our first house!

I too have been blessed beyond measure this year and I have awakened to a new day every morning. I have a wonderful family and am surrounded by some very special friends. In the morning I will head out with about 30 other women to attend the Women of Faith Conference in San Antonio. I’m sure I will be even more blessed in the next 72 hours. Next weekend I will participate in the 5K Color Up run and I get to run with my sister. God is so alive and it is evident every day if we will just take a moment and recognize it. He is evident in each one of the blessings listed above. No matter how big or small they seem, God is still loving, caring, merciful and full of grace.  His love endures forever.
My word for this holiday season is saturate. We have been blessed with rainfall lately and it reminded me as He saturates our land we are to saturate ourselves in the word of God. I want to absorb all that he has to give. I want to be filled with his word and his wisdom. I want to be a blessing to others.

This Thanksgiving season I encourage you to not only count your blessing, but to be a blessing too. Pray for that person in line in front of you at the checkout. Pray for the person that is scanning your groceries. Hold the door open for someone. Pay for the person’s meal behind you in the drive thru. Smile, compliment someone and show love the way God has shown love to you.

1 Thessalonians 5:16 —“Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”                                                   

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