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Lesli NolenBy Lesli Nolen
May 2009

This past weekend the big movie, “Hannah Montana,” premiered at the local theater. We were there with the rest of America’s preteen and teenage children and their parents. If you haven’t seen it I’ll try not to ruin it for you. To me it’s a perfect example of society today and how we all need to be restored. It is easy to get caught up in what society is doing and forget who we are and where we came from.  

The movie begins with Miley Cyrus in school and her publicist coming in and telling her Hannah Montana has been asked to present an award in New York. So she leaves school telling her best friend Lily she has a “Hannah emergency.” Off she goes, shopping and doing the whole Hannah Montana thing.

Being caught up in the drama of the Hannah Montana lifestyle, Miley forgets about her family and friends. Her brother, Jackson is leaving for college and she has missed telling him good-bye. Then she, Hannah, shows up at Lily’s birthday party, but not as Miley—Lily’s best friend. Hannah seems to have forgotten the most important things in life. So her dad decides Hannah needs to be restored.

Miley Cyrus as Hanna Montana.Instead of Hannah Montana landing in New York for the awards show, she lands back home in Tennessee. There, Jackson is waiting to pick up Miley and her dad and take them home. When she sees where she is, Hannah is furious. She demands to go to New York. Dad says no and tells her, when she is ready to come home it’s just about a mile up the road. Hannah sits and looks around at where she grew up and at first doesn’t even recognize her old horse, Blue Jeans, who is standing just on the other side of the fence. But after a little while, Miley becomes reacquainted with Blue Jeans and an old friend from school. She soon forgets about New York and finds herself on a new journey to rediscovering her true self and her true dreams.  

In today’s society we face a number of these challenges, as individuals and as a nation. We’re in a recession, we’re in a drouth and we’re in need of change. Well, there is a little bit of Hannah Montana in all of us. We all get caught up in life. We all need to be restored.

After seeing this movie, the next Sunday morning in church our pastor begins his sermon in the book of John, Chapter 21. He explains how God restores. Peter denied Christ three times, Peter was restored three times. God is always beckoning us to come back home to Him. We need to get back on the road where we came from, and begin our journey with Him again. We need to restore our faith in Him and His in us. He is the only constant thing in our life no matter what changes take place. God is always ready to restore us.

I encourage you to walk with God and talk with God, let him restore you today, pray for restoration in our nation, let’s all go back home.

Since Hannah Montana appeared in our life through the TV show some three years ago my daughter has dreamed of becoming a Hannah Montana. She wants to sing and perform just like Hannah Montana. I let her dream, as big as her dreams will let her, but I keep her roots genuinely planted.

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