None So Blind as Those Who . . .

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Lesli NolenBy Lesli Nolen
January 2010

The “blind leading the blind” is defined as uninformed and incompetent people leading others who are similarly incapable. It’s origin is found in Matthew 15:14 (King James Version): “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” This was thought to be inherited from the Upanishads which states, “Abiding in the midst of ignorance, thinking themselves wise and learned, fools go aimlessly hither and thither, like blind led by the blind.”

I have heard this saying and have read it in the Bible, but never really thought about its true meaning and I for one never thought I was the blind leading the blind. Boy, was I wrong.

My journey to this self discovery began one day after church service and we were taking one of our church members home. When we got in the car she asked us to drop her off at a restaurant instead of taking her home. We obliged and then decided to join her for lunch. As we got out of the car and I was assisting her up the walkway, going into the restaurant she stopped and told me we were going in a different way that what she was accustomed to. She didn’t remember the water fountain being there. I told her, I was sorry, but I think this entrance will still get us to the dining hall.

While my husband was parking the car we thought we’d stop at the ladies’ room and wash up. Since I was not familiar with this restaurant she told me to find the Coke machines and I’d see the restrooms. Sure enough she was right. We washed up, found my husband and headed to the buffet line. We assisted our friend in fixing her plate and found a table to sit down. We talked and ate and while we were sitting there she spoke of the many different types of people that filled the room. She couldn’t believe how diversified it was. At that moment I looked around the room and then realized I sitting in the presence of God.

See our friend here is blind. She lost her sight at the early age of 2. So she doesn’t ever remember seeing. But that didn’t matter, she saw more without her eyesight than I do with my eyes wide open. She knew the way I took her into that restaurant was not the way she had gone in before. She had never heard the water fountain before when she had been in this restaurant. And to be honest, I didn’t see it nor did I hear it until she mentioned it. When she had gone to the restroom there, she heard the vibrations or sound of  the machines, that’s why she told me to find the Coke machines and I’d find the restrooms. While we were eating she could hear the different accents of the people that were talking at the tables around us. That’s how she knew the  variety of people that were in the room. When I looked around and saw all the different faces I knew right then I had to open my eyes and see again for the first time.

I couldn’t help but think about John 9:25, “I was blind, but now I see.” I had been so blind to the world around me and everything in it. Isn’t it cool though how God reveals himself to us when we allow Him to open our eyes. I really began to think about this verse and what it meant to me while I was writing this story. I looked up the definition of the word see and then the definition of the word look. There really is a big difference in the two words.

The definition of “see” is to use the sense of the eyes, to understand or realize and to make sure. The definition of “look” is to direct one’s gaze, to search or appear to be. So really there is no other way that verse could have been written. I was blind too, but now I see. I know now the difference in seeing and looking.

I think the world is looking for Christianity, but they are not seeing it. Some of the Christian faiths in this world think God does not perform miracles anymore. I think they are just blind to His miracles. Miracles happen everyday. The birth of a child is a miracle in itself. Thousands of children are born everyday therefore thousands of miracles happen every day. Has a child’s birth become so common in today’s world we don’t see it as a miracle anymore? Does that make it any less of a miracle?

We need to remember to see is to understand and if we understand we then can let God open our eyes and reveal Himself and His miracles to us each day.  We need to live by faith and not by sight.

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