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Lesli NolenBy Lesli Nolen
December 2010

He’s making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice, Santa Clause is coming to town. Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to cook, clean, shop, decorate, all the stuff that fills our lives during the holiday season. Time to fill shoe boxes at the church, go to candlelight service Christmas Eve, Christmas carol, and make sure everything is ready for the big day. But too often enough we get so busy doing that we forget the true meaning of Christmas. We’re making list, checking it off, hanging stocking, wrapping presents and in the midst of all the holiday cheer we forget about the gift that’s already been given to us. Have you ever thought about how Santa and God are really alike?

Santa is like God in that He knows everything about me. He knows when I’m sleeping, he knows when I’m awake, he knows if I’ve been bad or good (so be good for goodness sake). God knows the desires of my heart and wants to give them to me. He knows everything on my Christmas wish list.

1890s Christmas Card Don’t we, as kids, write down everything we want for Christmas, then go to the mall, sit in Santa’s lap and ask him for what we want? Isn’t that what God wants us to do too? But with God we don’t have to wait all year for this. We can tell God what we want everyday. He tells us to ask unto him and it will be given, to knock on the door and it shall be opened. When we ask, whether we ask Santa or God, don’t we believe it’s going to happen, just like it happens every Christmas morning. We use words like believe and faith, to give us hopes in something.

The dictionary defines believe as to take as true or real; to have confidence in a statement or promise. Faith in the Bible is defined as being sure of what we hope for and the certain of what we do not see. Well it’s no wonder we hear those words so often used around our children. We want them to believe in Santa Clause. We want them to believe that miracles do happen. We want them to get up Christmas morning and look at all the presents Santa left. We want to see their eyes light up, a smile on their face and most of all we want them to see love. We get the glory on Christmas morning of seeing our children happy and knowing that they got what they believed would happen.

Isn’t that all our Heavenly Father wants to for us? Doesn’t he want the glory when we believe in him and anticipate what he’s going to do? The gift he’s given us isn’t only a one time of year gift, nor does it only last a little while. It is a gift that lasts an eternity. God gave me the gift of his son and because I believe with all my heart that Jesus died on the cross for me, I can confess my sins, ask for forgiveness and I can have faith that the gift from God is eternal life.

God sent his son Jesus Christ to die for me, because He knew I would fall short of the glory of God. He knew I would sometimes be on his naughty list and sometimes I would be on his nice list.

So whether you’ve been bad or good this year, remember the gift that has already been bought, that cannot be unwrapped and that will last for eternity.

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