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Looking Back at 2010

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Lesli NolenBy Lesli Nolen
January 2011

Wow, what a year! The year 2010 has come and gone, but in a number of ways it will have lasting effects.

It was a year ago this month that Haiti was hit with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. This catastrophic earthquake hit 10 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince, the country’s capital. The earthquake was the worst one they had had in 200 years. Then, the flooding that hit the city not too long ago has made rebuilding a difficult task for Haiti.

Time Magazine made Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg its person of the year. Facebook Another city that is familiar with rebuilding after nature hits is New Orleans. They rebuilt their city and their faith in football. Last year the New Orleans Saints won their first Super Bowl in the club’s history. The Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. Drew Brees was named most valuable player of the game. I think New Orleans is still celebrating!

While we’re on the subject of sports, we can’t leave out the Women’s NCAA Basketball Championship, The Masters Golf Tournament and most recent, the 2010 World Series.

The BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig ablaze. Oil spill picture. Image courtesy U.S. Coast Guard. It was no surprise that the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team was in the NCAA Championship game. What was impressive was their undefeated record. After winning the game, against Stanford University, UConn was 78-0 and was unbeatable two seasons in a row.

In 2010 Phil Mickelson won The Masters Golf Tournament,  his third Masters win, with a 16 under par for a total score of 272. He is only the fifth golfer to win the Masters three times.

And most recently, we can’t forget the Texas Rangers playing in the 2010 World Series against the San Francisco Giants. Although it did not turn out the way we would have liked, it was still an amazing ride.

A few other things in 2010 didn’t quite turn out the way some of us wanted them too either. For example, the House of Representatives approved the new Health-Care Bill and it eventually went to President Obama for his signature. The final vote was 219-212.

Then we had the British Petroleum oil well spill. The explosion on the BP oil drilling rig off the coast of Louisiana killed 11 people and injured 17, and the well gone wild began spewing crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Thankfully, the company eventually was able to get the out of control well to stop leaking.

To top it off, poverty rates hit a 15 year high in September. The percentage of Americans living below the poverty line was at 14.3. It was called the worst economic period since the Great Depression.

It was on October 12, 2010 when the first of the 33 trapped Chilean coal miners were rescued. The trapped miners spent 68 days trapped in a mine half a mile underground. Thanks to the rescue operation all miners were pulled to safety via a capsule specifically made for this rescue.

For those of us that like to read we had a great book year. Judy Lockhart DiGregorio made me laugh again in her “Memories of a Loose Woman.” Her storytelling of her years past reminds us its okay to laugh at ourselves.

The memorable movie 'Eat, Pray, Love,' starred Julia Roberts. Former First Lady Laura Bush tells her story in “Spoken from the Heart.” I haven’t finished the book yet, but so far so good. It’s like we are just sitting there carrying on a conversation. Love it.

Of course I have to include the love story books by Nicholas Sparks. “Dear John” and “The Last Song” are my two favorite books for 2010. Yes, these books were also made into a movie last year, along with some other great films of 2010.

Other enjoyable films for 2010 included  “Alice in Wonderland,” “Shrek 4,” “Karate Kid,” “Iron Man 2,” “Prince of Persia,” “Avatar,” “Despicable Me,” “Eat Pray Love,” “Tangled,” “Narnia 3,” “Rabbit Hole,” “Little Fockers” and a whole lot more. It was a great time for family and friends at the theater.

I don’t think 2010 would be complete if I didn’t mention Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, Mark Zuckerburg. Mark is the CEO of the world’s largest social networking site. We all know it as fb (Facebook). Checking status, changing status, clicking the “like” button and leaving comments consume too much of our daily lives. We’ve come a long way since email.  

Well I have reminded you of some of the worldly highlights from 2010, but my most memorable moments of last year are not the ones in the news. I remember in February when my niece got sick and I watched God work miracle after miracle on her little body. I watch God work through men, women and children during that time. I felt God’s amazing love, mercy and grace.

I was blessed to watch our daughter trust the Lord with her life and accept Him as Lord and Savior.  I have seen another family member baptized and by the time this article comes out, another one will be baptized too.

Our church, Harris Avenue Baptist Church, and its members served our community recently with a feast of food, gifts and love. Over 82 families walked through our doors that day. These are my eternal highlights of 2010.

I may not have ever won a Super Bowl game or a Masters Golf Tournament but I have experienced victory. I have never been in an earthquake or been trapped underground, but sometimes I feel like my world is shaking and I’m drowning. Whether I’m on Cloud Nine or in the depths of the valley, I reflect back to years past and remind myself of where (God delivered me and where He is leading me) I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going.

Wishing you all a very blessed New Year!

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