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By Lesli Nolen
April 2009

In 2009 I began my third year with Ranch & Rural Living magazine. During this time, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting lots of new and exciting people and visiting some very special places. You have welcomed me into your homes and hearts and I truly appreciate your time and generosity. So, I’ve decided to give a little something back (especially for the women). In the spirit of certain talk show host, I want to share a few of my “favorite things” with you, hoping you will enjoy them too.

Two of my favorite ‘good for the soul’ foods are my infamous sausage balls and monkey bread. No they don’t go together—that I know of—but you are welcome to try it. Both recipes make a lot so you should have enough to indulge on and share with a friend. I love eating these most when my nose is buried in a good book. I just read a great book: “Since You’re Leaving Anyway, Take Out the Trash,” by Dixie Cash. My mother-in-law handed it to me when we were visiting over the Christmas holiday. I couldn’t put it down. I read and read, I had to know how it ended, and the time spent was worth it. It’s a funny, Texas, small town, romantic comedy story with a twist of murder.

Another favorite of mine is the lotion my mom bought for me as a stocking stuffer last Christmas. For those of you who don’t know me, I have a very peculiar sense of smell. In other words I have a nose like a hound dog and very sensitive skin. Therefore most of my necessities must be unscented. Knowing this my mom bought me Dionis lotion. It is unscented and made with goats’ milk. She thought the goats’ milk part was funny, seeing where I work—we publish Meat Goat Monthly News. But it really is a good lotion and if any of you like just lotion and no smell I recommend picking up a bottle sometime and trying it out. My mom bought the lotion in Lubbock at Cracker Barrel. When she was there last they said the makers were giving it a new design and it should be back on the shelves in a couple of weeks.

Last but not least of my favorites is stationery, given by my grandmother. That stationery brings the whole world together for me. I sit down and hand write letters to friends and family I’m thinking of. I’m not saying technology isn’t grand, I wouldn’t like to do my job without it, but sometimes a little bit of old fashion is good too. It keeps me grounded and helps make me who I am today.
I hope you have enjoyed reading some of my ‘favorites’ and hoping you will share some of your ‘favorites’ with me. You may send me an old fashioned low-tech letter, a high-tech email message, call me or post your favorites on our web-site. I would like to have a little more for us women readers in Ranch & Rural Living magazine and would like to know what you think, what you like especially after you’ve finished working cattle, feeding goats, kidding or lambing, what is it that you do for a little R and R.

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