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2017 Ranch & Rural Living Photo Contest

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Nikon D3300

Deadline Extended to Aug. 1, 2017

2017 Contest Open to Entries

Click Here to enter online--Pay by credit card, PayPal or mail in check/money order


Announcing the 2017 Ranch & Rural Living Photo Contest. Get your camera out and go take photos if you haven't lately! You will thank yourself later for making a point of taking photos of your family and of the beauty of your surroundings. With the power and ease of use of modern digital cameras, just about anybody can take exceptional photographs. Most digital cameras can hold hundreds or thousands of photos in memory until you transfer them to your computer, so take plenty of photos  Then select your best photos and enter them in our annual photo contest. We will share your creativity and your work with viewers of this website and subscribers to Ranch & Rural Living magazine. Our annual photography competition accepts entries from any amateur photographer.

Winning photos will be published in our print magazine following the contest judging. Usually, winners are published in September and October issues of our magazine. Other entries may appear in the magazine from time to time as illustrations for articles, graphics for advertisements or cover scenes. We used many non winning entries from past contests for covers.

Photo by Emma Coffman of Temple, Texas, was an an entry in the 2013 photo contest. All photos entered, including prints, will be digitized and judged against all other entries in each category. This year we are expanding the contest and will be changing the categories up a bit, going to five categories instead of four.

Youth: Please encourage your children or grandchildren to enter the contest. We sometimes have only a few Youth entries.

Entry Fee: $8 per photo
Limit: 6 photos per person

Note: All photos will be judged by a professional photographer and by our magazine staff on a cumulative points basis. Judges will not know the identity of the photographer and will judge each entry on merit alone. Criteria will include composition, technical ability, creativity and compelling content. Youth photographers are encouraged to enter the Youth category and any other category in which they would like to compete


 Nature & Wildlife
— 1st Prize $50
Photos of trees, plants, flowers, wild animals, birds, fish, snakes, insects, etc.

Landscape & Architecture 
Photo by Lorelei Hankins of Rocksprings, Texas, was a 2013 entry. — 1st Prize $50
Ranch, farm, small town or rural scenes.  Historical buildings, unique and interesting houses. Rivers, pasture scenes, mountains, seashore, the desert, the piney woods, rolling hills or prairie, etc.

Livestock & Ranch Work
— 1st Prize $50
This category can include photos of individual or groups of livestock animals—sheep, goats, cattle, exotic livestock, fallow deer, poultry, etc. Roundups, branding, working sheep and goats, horse training, marking and doctoring cattle and sheep. Feeding, caring for livestock or other ranch related work.

People & Rural Life
— 1st Prize $50

Portraits, whether planned or spontaneous, of people, as well as kids and animals, people and pets, events, etc. Your family, friends, children, famous people, politicians, old folks, new clothes, family gatherings, unusual characters. Don’t forget kids showing or caring for goats and lambs!

Youth – Open
— 1st Prize $50

Any photo taken by youths. Any subject. Photographer must be under 18 years of age.  This category needs more entrants and photos. Last time we had only a dozen or so photos in it.


Photo by Cerrina Smith of Cheyenne, Wyoming, another 2013 entry. 1. Fee: $8 per photo entered. Limit eight (8) photos entered per person.  No professional photographers, please. A professional is defined as one who makes a living with or substantially supplements his/her income with photography.

2. PRINTS in color or black and white must be 8"x10". Digital photos must be equal to or greater than 2,400 pixels on the long side. DO NOT MOUNT PRINTS ON MAT BOARD. Just mail us your prints. Be sure to package carefully so photos will not be damaged in the mail. Digitals should be submitted on CD or uploaded via our website ordering system at ranchmagazine.com.

3. All entries will be judged on a per category basis by magazine staff and a non-staff professional photographer as well as one or more guest judges. Judging will be based on subject, creativity and composition. Entries will be displayed to the judges without he/she knowing who entered what photo. Pictures and entry forms will be numbered upon receipt. The contest judges will not know who the winners are until the numbers are matched with entry forms after judging. Decision of the judges is final. Photographs will be scored by points and photos with the most points in each category will win.

4. Submission of your photographs as a contestant grants Ranch & Rural Living Magazine rights to unlimited use of your photos in articles and advertisements on its two magazines and on its websites ranchmagazine.com and sheepandgoat.net as well as on the Facebook page for Ranch & Rural Living. Any person requesting external use of the photos for parties other than Ranch & Rural Living, Sheep & Goat magazines and related websites will be referred to the photographer..

Photo by Christopher Brown of Menard, Texas, was a photo contest entry in 2013. 5. Please include one entry blank with each photo submitted. Photos must be original works by the photographer listed on the entry form. If a child’s photo is entered in the Youth section, the child’s name and age needs to be on the entry blank. Note: Please notice on the entry blank a space is provided to include the title of the photo or a short descriptive phrase (or you may use a number or filename) so we can match photos with entry blanks.

6. DEADLINE:  Extended to Aug. 1, 2017.   May be extended one month at editor’s discretion.  Photo judging will occur after entry deadline has passed. Deadline may be extended at the discretion of the editor.

7. All reasonable care will be taken in handling entries. Ranch & Rural Living Magazine cannot be held responsible for damage to or loss of photographs. Submission of entry constitutes entrant’s consent to and agreement with these rules. Prints will be returned if entrant furnishes SASE.

8. All pictures will be judged anonymously. Winners and non-winners alike will be notified of the outcome of the contest if an email address is supplied on the entry form, SO PLEASE ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. Good luck and thank you for participating!

Click Here to enter online--Pay by credit card, PayPal or mail in check/money order

Click Here to download an entry form in PDF format

If you cannot open the PDF file you may need to install Adobe Reader, which is available here free (click on free Adobe Reader, download and install on your computer). Complete one entry blank for each photo you are entering.

Send completed forms with photos(either as prints or on CD) and entry fees to:

Photo Contest
Ranch & Rural Living
P.O. Box 2678
San Angelo, TX  76902


July 2017

Ranch & Rural Living July 2017

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