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Ranch & Rural Living reaches a readership of 18,000 in West Central and Southwest Texas as well as the Big Bend region. Most of our readers are rural residents and many are involved in agriculture, from sheep and goat production to cattle raising to exotics for hunting and meat production. Your ad will be seen by people who genuinely want to read the magazine and who do read it on a regular basis.

Ad rates and sizes are available for anyone interested in placing an ad for one run or a many-month run. Please send an email request to or call us at 325-655-4434 to receive a media kit by email or mail.

Generally speaking the cost of ads depends on the size ad run and how many months during a one-year period that the ad is run. We offer discounts for multiple month runs.

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Ranch & Rural Living and Sheep & Goat
Ranch & Rural Living and Sheep & Goat magazines

We can design your ad to your specifications or we can use our own judgement if you prefer in creating an effective ad. We do not charge extra to design your ad, and you will have complete control of the process.

You are also welcome to use a third party designer or an ad agency to create your ad and reserve space in our magazines.

If you will let us know we will gladly call you as often as you would like to run your ad to remind you it’s time to advertise, whether that is monthly, once every six months or once per year. If you tell us not to call you we will honor that.

Both Ranch & Rural Living and Sheep & Goat have advantages and specific target audiences. Ranch goes to all the members of the Texas Sheep & Goat Raisers Association as well as to hundreds of other ranchers and people involved in other sectors of the agriculture industry. It also is mailed to the membership of the Rio Grande Electric Co-op in Southwest Texas and the Big Bend and all the way to El Paso and north to the New Mexico line.

Sheep & Goat is specifically targeted to people who commercially raise sheep and goats and others in that industry.

For display ads of business card size and larger up to multiple pages in size, we will bill you for the ad at the time that month’s magazine is printed and mailed. We will expect payment, net 30 days on the ad. We accept checks, money orders, cash and credit cards for advertising.

Advertising can be effective no matter the size of the ad. Sometimes a smaller or mid-sized ad run consistently every month or every other month can be as effective as a larger ad or more so. Of course, if you want to capture attention of the readership and make a big spash a full page or even two page spread is in order. And our ad rates are very reasonable for running a larger ad in one or both of our magazines.

We will be offering online advertising on our website in the very near future. We were among the first in the agriculture industry to adopt online publication with our first content website published in 1996. We have been offline for a few years but we’ll soon have old and new content in a new website and we’ll be offering exclusive ad spots on it as well as shared spots at a lower rate.